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Job Opportunity

R&D engineer 1 position TIME:2009/6/5

Job Responsibilities:
1、Finish the development and transfer of related products. Work closely with related departments to put products on production as soon as possible.
2、Apply Protein Chromatographic technique for Protein Isolation and purification, Synthesis and preparation of Reagents .
3、Communicate with foreign manufacturers in English. Translate documents on related techniques and procedures. Be proficient with referring to literatures in english.
4、Research and develop kinds of new products and technologies on IVD according to strategies of the company and plans of the R&D Dept.
5、Relevant work on data processing and document processing .


1、Master degree or above, majored in biochemistry, chemistry, engineering chemistry or related field.
2、More than 2 years working experience in IVD or study abroad background is highly preferred.
3、Background of protein chemistry. be familiar with Chromatography and Protein Isolation and purification techniques.
4、Get projects done on time and with the specify quality according to objects and plans of the R&D Dept. and company. Be good at learning new methods and technologies.
5、CET-6, good skills of English listens, speak, read, writes, translates ability, communicates with foreign manufacturers.
6、Have a good sense of responsibility and professional ethics.
7、Strong study ability. Be good at communicating. Attention to detail.
8、Proficiency in the use of office softwares.

Oversea sales representative 2 position TIME:2009/6/10

Job Description:
•  Develop international market, maintain good relationship with the existing clients.
•  Work hard to fulfill the assigned sales object
•  Collecting medical market information home and abroad, analyzing and evaluating general market    and sales data to report it to the company timely
•  Attending medical exibitions

The requirements of this role are:
•  Bachelor degree or above in major International Trade or English Literature or other related majors
•  Excellent English; TEM 8 preferred
•  With incisive mind: Good communication, organization and negotiation skills
•  Teamwok spirit
•  Working experiences in Medicine business preferred
•  This postion is only for Male